Creature From the Blue Lagoon
Organized by Bob Nickas
Summer Location: 112 Sagaponack Rd, Bridgehampton
July 21 – September 3, 2012
Opening Reception: July 21, 2 - 6 pm, musical performance by Liturgy, 5 pm
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Creature From the Blue Lagoon

Organized by Bob Nickas

July 21—Sept. 3, 2012
Opening: Saturday, July 21 from 2-6 PM
With a musical performance by Liturgy at 5 PM

Martos Gallery Summer Location
112 Sagaponack Rd.
Bridgehampton, NY 11932

Exhibition Hours:
Wednesday – Sunday: 12 – 5 pm
Please call ahead: 631-613-6698

Martos Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of "Creature From the Blue Lagoon," the annual show in our summer location. Organized by Bob Nickas for our third and final year in Bridgehampton, his show brings together artists from the previous exhibitions, while introducing many who will be participating for the first time.

Darren Bader . Donald Baechler
Lisa Beck . Elaine Cameron-Weir
Anne Collier . Ryan Foerster
Motoko Fukuyama . Tamara Gonzales
Mary Heilmann . Matthew Higgs
Mamie Holst . Johanna Jackson
Chris Johanson . Ray Johnson
E'wao Kagoshima . Bill Komoski
Erik Lindman . Agnes Lux
David Malek . Chris Martin
Servane Mary . Justin Matherly
John Miller . Joseph Montgomery
Amy O'Neill . Virginia Overton
Jiyeon Park . Nathaniel Robinson
Alex Rose . Aura Rosenberg
Ben Schumacher . Davina Semo
Nancy Shaver . Keith Sonnier
Stephen Sprott . Aaron Suggs
Josh Tonsfeldt . Andra Ursuta
G. William Webb . B. Wurtz

In 2010, in its first incarnation, the show took its inspiration from the visionary artist, filmmaker, and performer, Jack Smith. With "Wait For Me at the Bottom of the Pool," Nickas paid homage to the irreverent Smith and set the watery stage for his second summer adventure, "The 2011 Bridgehampton Biennial." This was a fictional biennial, his spoofing of what has become a convention of the endless art world circuit—or circus as the case may be. A biennial takes place once every two years, but for Nickas this show was meant to happen once, and never again.

"Creature From the Blue Lagoon" returns to the fertile imagination of Jack Smith and his play, "The Secret of Rented Island" (1976), an adaptation of Ibsen's "Ghosts," whose cast incorporated live actors and toy animals. The correspondence to the menagerie in Bridgehampton should not go unremarked. However, any resemblance to the 1980 film, The Blue Lagoon, starring Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins, is entirely coincidental.

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