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Bozidar Brazda


November 17 - December 23, 2011


My best work is always made in my head. My best work is always made in my bed. 
My best work is an Advertisement that sells you me. Bozidar Brazda. 
I am not a “studio artist” — although I do have a studio in
Woodstock, New York. Before it was mine, it belonged (alongside the modest
cedar house beside it) to two other artists respectively, each famous.
I think that these two artists put the studio to better (or at least more conventional) use than I. 
For my part, I mostly record music there, burn incense and drink beer. Which I suppose is valid. 
But is it visual? Some of the music is decentish. A kind of Wire by way of Dylan
(who famously crashed his motorbike a few feet from our driveway, 
and soon after went electric, to the hilarious outrage of folk purists.) 
Recently, I painted a pink Stratocaster gray, strings and all, with the idea that it might be
an interesting sculpture, but the effect was not what I had
hoped for, and so I quickly hosed the guitar off, and let it
dry in the tall wheat grass out back. A cicada, or scarab, 
came down the hill, from the direction of the Buddhist Temple that’s
on the mountaintop, and has been playing it ever since. A
weird, but pleasant, buzzing.
I have been making fires
and reading Philip Guston: Collected Writings, Lectures, 
and Conversations
. The late Guston, a fellow
Canadian and Woodstockian, who was as skilled, and wily, in the
art of conversation as he was in the painting of pictures, makes
me want to paint less than ever! And I mean that in the best
possible way. 
My work is autobiographical. But when translated into objects it becomes soooooooooooo hermetic. 
For my solo exhibtion at Martos Gallery I haven’t decided what to “make”, but I will probably go with
text and sound. 
I really hate making objects. I might be in the wrong profession. 
My best work is always made in my head. 
My best work is always made in my bed
. My best work is an Advertisement that sells you me. 
Bozidar Brazda. 
Is anyone buying this? Doors open November 17 through December 20. 
540 W 29th Street New York, NY 10001.

Opening night performance with Bozidar Brazda and band

Bozidar Brazda (b.1972, Cambridge, Canada). Bozidar Brazda's work has been exhibited at MoMA/PS1, The Whitney Biennial 2008, The Kitchen, Maccarone Inc., Reena Spaulings, Bortolami, Ribordy Contemporary and Martos Gallery. This is his first solo exhibition in New York since 2008.

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