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Leif Ritchey

Chameleon Jeans

January 14 - February 19, 2011

Chameleon Jeans

Martos Gallery is pleased to present Chameleon Jeans a solo exhibition of works by Leif Ritchey.

Walking around walking the dog 
I come across things in my path 
Colors are colors and objects are objects 
They dance together make music- a jam 
I listen to the music and lose myself in it dance along 
Live it colors and forms find alchemy unknown

- Leif Ritchey, 2010

Leif Ritchey born 1975 in Ann Arbor, MI, lives and works in New York City. Ritchey interests in art, music and fashion are integral in his work. Notable solo exhibitions include "Spots" at The Journal Gallery, Brooklyn and "We Love" at ATM Gallery, New York. Recent group exhibitions include "Salad Days" at The Journal Gallery, Brooklyn and "Material Matters and other Issues" at Canada Gallery, New York. Ritchey is co-founder of Leif and Tooya Clothing Company, and is a member of "Shades", an experimental surf band.

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