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Figure Ascending a Return

August 17 - September 9, 2017
Opening reception: Thursday, August 17, 6 - 8 pm

Figure Ascending a Return

Figure Ascending a Return Installation view, Martos Gallery, New York, 2017

Serena Williams’ body has been a topic of conversation in the professional sports world, and popular culture, for as long as she’s been in the public eye. Sometimes revered, and sometimes degraded by sexist and racist ideas of beauty; blasted rather than applauded for being strong. Why can a black woman be criticized for being or looking “too strong”?

For his presentation entitled Figure Ascending a Return, JPW3 will exhibit a new version of his Serena Williams hologram entitled Serena Hologram xl, 2017. This 14-foot-tall Serena plays tennis in the middle of the gallery - slowed down just enough so you can appreciate her form. A custom-made wall of ribbons coupled with a two-sided projection creates stroboscopic-like motion, while a chopped and screwed version of Chedda da Connect's 2015 anthem "Flicka Da Wrist" plays in the background.

The figure rises and sends a powerful return.

There will also be a pop-up tennis shop in the gallery selling custom-printed and embroidered clothing, featuring Ms. Williams. 

Proceeds from these sales will be donated to Assata's Daughters:

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