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Group Show at 515 Broadway

Lisa Beck, Ben Berlow, Graham Caldwell, 
Xylor Jane, Jacob Kassay, David Malek

Organized by Bob Nickas
April 18 - May 9, 2009

Group Show at 515 Broadway

Group Show featuring

Lisa Beck, Ben Berlow, Graham Caldwell, Xylor Jane Jacob Kassay, and David Malek

Organized by Bob Nickas

April 18th – May 9th, 2009
Saturdays from 12 – 6 pm
515 Broadway, 5BF New York, NY 10012

Martos Gallery is pleased to present a group show featuring Lisa Beck, Ben Berlow, Graham Caldwell, Xylor Jane, Jacob Kassay, and David Malek, organized by Bob Nickas.

Bob Nickas, who is well-known for discovering and supporting many artists early on in their careers has in this show assembled works by artists who are among those he has recently written about, exhibited, and collected. Lisa Beck, Xylor Jane, and David Malek are included in his book Painting Abstraction, which will be published in September by Phaidon. Jacob Kassay and David Malek will participate in his exhibition, “Cave Painting”, this summer at PSM Gallery in Berlin. Nickas is showing the work of Ben Berlow and Graham Caldwell for the first time.

A grisaille Rorschach imagines a hallucinatory Burchfield landscape reflected in Smithson's mirror.

Small format paintings on found paper. Eccentric abstraction. Tantric art. An inside "outsider."

Curious, hand-blown glass sculptures that conjoin gnarly and seductive effects.

Magical, obsessive paintings based on numbers and mathematics that dazzle the eye and tease the mind. Continual play between positive and negative space, appearance and disappearance.

Painting as alchemical assisted readymade. Metallic silver monochromes with burnt edges and surface incident - the result of process and chance.

Images shimmer by way of an almost scientific exploration of color, light, and heightened optics.

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