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Ryan Foerster/Ben Schumacher

January 12 - February 11, 2012

Ryan Foerster/Ben Schumacher

Martos Gallery is pleased to present a two-person exhibition featuring work from Ryan Foerster and Ben Schumacher.

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Two-Fisted Bird Watcher
Industrial Sensors
Stainless Steel Scales
Affordable Scales For The Lab, Office Or Home

the most terrific liar you ever saw in your life. its awful. if im on my way to buy a magazine and somebody asks me where im going im liable to say im going to the opera. its terrible so you said you wanted to give me one out of your own pocket, but it would create jealously among the other secretaries. Now, was that true, or did you just not want to pony up the dough? don't believe me, do you? Of course not. Okay, ask me something you think I would normally lie about. Alright. Remember, a few months ago, when I wanted a raise, Forget it. I don't wanna do this! and the company wouldn't give me one, GRETA, PLEASE!

Ben Schumacher, born 1985 Kitchener, Ontario and Ryan Foerster, born 1983 Newmarket, Ontario met in 2006 in Brooklyn, New York where they were next door neighbors.

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